"The ingenuity and impeccable craftsmanship behind each design is superior. In addition, the integrity of the company is second to none. I would highly recommend!"

-Teresa C.

"Everything about my ring and everything about the Alyssa  & Anna team will certainly bring me back to them again in the future. Their raw talent and their concern for using sustainable resources  are just what the jewelry industry needs more of." 

-Ivy P.

"Alyssa & Anna fine jewelry is an outstanding family business that puts pride into every single piece they create. They take time to truly listen to their clients and deliver a product that they can treasure for a lifetime - creating heirloom quality pieces that are unique and of the best quality. I will continue to recommend their services to anyone and everyone looking for a jeweler."

-Carolyn H.

"I received impeccable customer service from Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry. They were able to create a wedding band for me that matched my engagement ring so beautifully, as well as a complementary styled wedding band for my husband. My engagement ring was cleaned and inspected, and soldered to my wedding band so it was perfect for my wedding day. I really appreciate that all of the work was done at their shop, by a skilled and experienced jeweler with a perfectionist attention to detail." 

-Colleen U.

"The beauty of Alyssa and Anna is that they are able to take a design idea and turn it into the most gorgeous piece of jewelry; all within their family owned studio. Your ring, from design to finish is taken care of by them, and them alone. If you are looking for a gorgeous, handcrafted, sustainable, one of a kind piece of jewelry, you must pay them a visit." 

-Karli F.

"When my daughter got engaged, she wanted to use her grandmother's wedding set, but make it her own. Not only did Alyssa & Anna use all the gold for her engagement ring, but they were able to make a necklace with the diamonds. The pieces are exquisite and will forever be cherished family heirlooms. Thank you for your wonderful detail to craftsmanship and putting new life into a treasured keepsake."

-Sue W.

"The staff is a group of fantastic people. They are very knowledgeable and create only the best jewelry. They will work with you to create a piece perfect for anyone. This is top-tier jewelry."

-Matthew H.

"The staff at Alyssa & Anna are very knowledgeable in their craft and are true artists. Not only will they work with you to design anything you can imagine, but their quality is superior and second to none creating heirlooms that will last decades long. They are honest, and transparent and are not in it for the sale, but for your uttermost satisfaction. The freedom is yours as you collaborate with your ideas and they bring your vision to life. I will only shop locally at this store for my jewelry needs from now on! They were amazing to work with, and created a work of art! Thank you Alyssa & Anna! We will be back!"

-Nicole S.

"I had a vision of what I wanted for my daughter, a " family' ring, I called it. I gave them the basics which consisted of birth months of myself, father, 2 brothers, her sister and my daughter, the type of band I wanted which was "not dainty, wide but not too wide and solid," and a size. A week later, I was sent a hand drawn design with the chosen stones in the order I requested. I could only imagine what it would look like in real life. What Alyssa, Anna and their father presented me with was more than amazing. I'm not a rich person but I felt just as important if I was standing next to a client who was. My daughter cried, I cried, and I can't be more pleased. I wish you the best of a soaring business and I will recommend your business until I'm blue in the face." 

-Keely L.

"The knowledge of the staff and quality of the product are unmatched. I had them repair my broken ring and they did a fantastic job. They rebuilt the entire ring and had it ready to pick up in record time - the next day. It was quality work that you cannot find anywhere else. Definitely recommend Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry to anybody who is looking for quality jewelry done right the first time and made to last. Great work!"

-John H.

"I have seen their work….It is very creative and EXQUISITE……."

-Pamela St.

"Alyssa and her father do amazing work! She helped me make my girlfriend very happy with a beautiful ring and I'm blown away by the craftsmanship and professionalism displayed at Alyssa & Anna. You won't find a jewelry store quite like this anywhere. You won't be disappointed with her work, I guarantee it!"

-Matt R.

"Thanks Alyssa and Anna! I love my new ring! You were so sweet in showing me all my options and so many beautiful things to choose from! Very knowledgeable and had my ring sized and ready to wear in an hour! Thank you!"

-Dana S.

"Such a great family owned business! My engagement ring was resized, cleaned, and some stones were tightened all in the same day! I loved that I didn't have to send my rings out, and was comforted knowing that it was being taken care of well. They have such a beautiful selection of hand crafted pieces. I highly recommend them for all your jewelry needs!"

-Erin L.

"Amazing quality work! Love love love my ring - I recommend them to EVERYONE!" 

-Abby L.

"I brought my diamond ring in to have prongs replaced and walked out with a gorgeous diamond ring that looks like new. Friendly staff."

-Nancy M.

"So very happy with the quality job on my wedding bands, united and sized. Only had them off overnight. Great price too. I will be back."

-Shirley P.

"I went to Alyssa & Anna to have my great grandma's ring resized to have as my engagement ring. I was so happy that I was able to get it back in 24 hours! I got there that night after work, the goldsmith came out, looked at the ring and asked me if I'd like it back tonight!! Not only did I get my ring back super fast but the work he did was super awesome! It's all sparkly again and fits perfect. Their customer service is excellent!!! I can not wait to come back to find a wedding band and my finance's ring as well! Thank you again!"

-Alyssa K.

"Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Stopped in to have my ring resized and had it back with the work completed an hour later. It was great to know my ring wouldn't need to be sent out and that I'd have it back so quickly. everyone was friendly and I will definitely be back in the future!" 

-Anna H.




"Thieu's craftsmanship is incredible; he is one of the most precise goldsmiths in the industry."

-Jill K.

"Thieu's expertise is exemplified in his willingness to take on difficult repairs such as invisible set diamonds. The typical goldsmith who is only looking for a quick turnaround doesn't take on those complex challenges."

-Gary B.

"I have been in the jewelry business for more than twenty years and Thieu Nguyen is by far the best goldsmith I have ever worked with. I trust him with my own personal jewelry, which is very important to me."

-Bonnie B. 

"I have worked with Thieu for more than a decade and his workmanship is always the pinnacle of perfection. He is meticulous with every piece of jewelry he services and would never return anything to us before achieving excellence."

-Gregg H. 

"I worked with Thieu for eleven years and I cannot say enough concerning his excellence. Thieu is the best goldsmith I have ever worked with. He does wonderful work. We never receive complaints concerning his workmanship."

-Rita Y. 

"The quality of Thieu's craftsmanship and his fast turn-around time has given me a sense of confidence for my guests."

-Beth A.