Our Story

At the age of fourteen, Alyssa Jones’ father, Thieu Nguyen, fled the Vietnam War and immigrated from Saigon to America in 1976. He became a master goldsmith and inventor of a jeweler's bench tool, sold through many major jewelry retailers - so, growing up, Alyssa spent a lot of time around jewelry. For as long as she can remember, all she's ever wanted to do with her life is create, so it only seems natural that jewelry design would be an art she'd pursue. At the age of 20, after working as a freelance designer, she decided to create a brand of her own. 

Although Alyssa is the sole designer for the brand, some of her earliest memories consist of sitting in her father's studio, carving waxes and sketching pictures of rings with her sister, Sav(anna)h, thus deciding to name it, Alyssa & Anna. With a strong belief in traditional craftsmanship, using ethically sourced materials, and that every woman deserves the love and the magic that comes from handcrafted jewelry, Alyssa & Anna began - thoughtful and responsible fine jewelry, that is as unique and extraordinary as you are. 


Alyssa currently resides in the wonderful state of Wisconsin with her partner in business + life, Zack Jones, their two dogs, and three cats. She's a watercolor painter, a knitting addict and an avid reader.