We have the incredible privilege of meeting so many wonderful individuals who are in love. It's the main reason why we decided to open up our own storefront. Building a community, really getting to know our clients and helping them design and craft their perfect ring is what we live for. One of the best parts of our job and probably our favorite thing, is hearing about the proposal. So, when Michael told us about his plan to propose to Audrey, we just about died. It was the cutest & most thoughtful thing we'd ever heard, so we just had to share it. 

We first met Michael a few months back, when he stopped into the shop to look at engagement rings. He's so kind, asked all the right questions, and put so much thought and care into her ring, before he proposed with it at Beckets

When you first walk into Beckets, you enter through a little gallery of art work. Michael had the restaurant secretly replace the art with framed photos of him and Audrey throughout their six year relationship, before she arrived! When she got through all of the photos, the last one was a framed orange and gold, Alyssa & Anna card, where Michael then got down on one knee! Adorable!

Audrey is so lovely and sweet. We are so honored to have her wear and Alyssa & Anna ring and we couldn't be happier for this beautiful couple!