If you've been wondering why I've been MIA for the past week and a half, it's because I packed up my art supplies, swim suits and passport, and flew to Ixtapa, Mexico! As a designer, I find myself in a creative block more often than I'd like to admit. Most of the time, I'm crumpling up and tossing out a painting I had worked hours on, or I'm just sitting and staring at a blank sketchbook. Ideas don't come easily to me, so, usually, I have to go out an find them. [Insert Mexico Trip Here]. 

At the end of last year, I decided that I'd fill 2017 with as many adventures as I could, because the best way to heighten your creativity is to experience new things. And man, have I experienced new things. Although it was an incredible place to be, Zack and I wanted to leave the resort as much as possible, so that we could explore the "real" Mexico. We got out of our comfort zone and hopped on a tiny white bus jam packed with so many people, we were literally standing hip to hip. We rode a little fishing boat to an island where we snorkeled and swam with multicolored fish through the coral reef. We fed wild rabbits crackers on the beach, by hand. We ate authentic Mexican food cooked outside on a stone stove. We walked around Zihuatanejo and bought handwoven blankets and ceramics from the most colorful market. We saw brightly painted homes on mountains and old, little Volkswagen bugs lining the streets. Everything was so vibrant and alive, we couldn't help but feel inspired. 

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My favorite thing about Zihuatanejo was seeing all of the craftsman create so many beautiful pieces by hand! Here's a photo of a man hand painting stunning designs onto ceramic pieces (I bought several), and a photo of a woman making a bracelet from thread for me. 


Here is one of the pieces I bought, now sitting in my studio. :)

Even though, I haven't been posting any "A Jewelry Design A Day," illustrations, I've definitely been designing! Pictured below are a few doodles I drew in a sketchbook I purchased from the cutest cafe, outside of my resort, Cuattro Cycle. I'll be sharing full, hand painted renderings of my Mexican inspired designs throughout the next few weeks. :)


Next stop - New Orleans. 

Best wishes,