Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.
— Rajat Dogra

Not every single bride wants a diamond engagement ring - and that's ok! There's no written rule that says a traditional diamond is what has to be used to symbolize marriage and love. Quite frankly, non-traditional engagement rings are actually our favorite rings to create! Whether you choose a bold, blue sapphire center stone, or a subtle, peach morganite, we love that little pop of color. Here are just a few photos of our non-traditional engagement rings, taken by some of our favorite, Wisconsin based photographers. ❤ 

Photo taken by: Roxanne Elise Photography 

Black diamonds are a beautiful alternative to colorless diamonds. Like our Catalina ring pictured above, we think it looks amazing in an antique, cushion cut, and it pairs so nicely with white trillion shaped diamonds. 

Photo taken by: Shaunae Teske Photography 

We can't get enough of golden, rutilated quartz. Look how stunning it is! Most rutilated quartz come in a cabochon cut, so fashioned as this faceted emerald cut makes it extra special. (This is also our Catalina ring - look how incredibly different it looks by just changing the center stone & color of the gold!)

Natural emeralds are our favorite gemstones - we've been known to use them a lot in our jewelry. Like our Elsie ring, we just love they way they look set into yellow gold (Featured above is a Colombian emerald).

Like all of our rings, our Gabriella ring has a very simplistic look, but what makes her unique is her double band. We gave her an emerald cut, black diamond center to give her an even more nontraditional look. 

Because of the remarkable color, we chose to give our Clara mounting a faceted opal. Surprisingly, opals were actually common to use in engagement rings during the Victorian Era, since Queen Victoria's husband, Albert, had a special love for the stone. 

Something about green stones set into yellow gold makes our hearts dance. We especially love how deep the color is in this green tourmaline, set into our Diana mounting - inspired by Princess Diana's iconic engagement ring. 

There are so many different ways you can personalize your engagement ring to make it unique to you and at Alyssa & Anna, we offer endless options for the indie girls and the off-beat brides. ❤ 

To all the extraordinary photographers who captured these wonderful photos with each of their own vision, thank you for sharing your talent and light with us. :)